Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.
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Oncology (Cancer)

    Department of Oncology, Felix Hospital

    Every step is crucial in treating cancer, from managing recurrence to early diagnosis. Our team of some of Noida ‘s best oncologists, consultants, paramedical specialists, and physical, psychological , and behavioural approaches to full recovery are sponsored. Comfortable healthcare and, perhaps, quick recovery are how we have benefited every family. We are one of the few comprehensive hospitals for cancer treatment fitted with top-notch diagnostic methods, offering individual psycho-oncological sessions and decreased patient visits and waiting time. We also provide treatment of comorbidity, diet , exercise, recovery, pain and palliative care. We also have dedicated care wards for chemotherapy and oncology, solely for patients with various malignancies.

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    Cancer treatment at FELIX entails surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, which hugely enhances the possibilities of cure and lessens the risk of recurrence. The one-point delivery approach is our hallmark and guarantees continuity of cancer care and assures the best possible health care experience. At the best cancer hospital in Noida, from the primary screening and diagnosis to treatment and recovery, every patient has access to biopsy, pathology, radiation oncology, psycho-oncology, and interventional radiology.

    The cancer care program of our hospital also includes Pain and Palliative Treatment, Reconstruction, Comorbidity Management, Diet, Nutrition, and Rehabilitation. An excellent team of one of the best oncologists in NOIDA is our key component and focuses on the overall physical and mental wellbeing of patients and their caregivers and helps to makes it the best hospital for cancer treatment in NOIDA.

    Our committed oncology team works to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment. We have the best surgeons who treat all kinds of cancer from all over the world. Our oncologists are highly trained and with great experience conduct the surgery. They not only conduct the surgery, but they also support and direct the patient from the beginning to the end through the entire process.


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      FELIX, is undoubtedly one of the best hospitals for Cancer Treatment in Noida. We are proud to have successfully performed more than 10,000 successful surgeries for cancer treatment. Not only do we have access to the best cancer care, but we also have one of the best team of doctors for cancer treatment in Noida.

      Our oncology team comprises some of the best oncologists in Noida. The hard work and efforts for the patients put by our oncologists make us one of the best hospitals for oncology in Noida. The trust imbibed in us by our patients proudly makes us amongst the best cancer hospitals in Noida. The following qualities highlight why every patient should choose us for their treatment

      • Diagnostic Capabilities
      • Personalized treatment
      • Post-recovery care
      • Patient first approach
      • Multidisciplinary team
      • Patient success stories

      The quality of cancer diagnosis methods plays a significant role in the early detection and evaluation of each case. We at FELIX maintain the highest standards by applying technologically superior diagnostic services and automated processes which improve the speed and efficiency of results.

      Professional clinicians and top equipment, including the new scanning machines and high-resolution DBT (Digital Breast Tomosynthesis), are fitted with our diagnostic laboratories. Pathology, biopsy, radiology, nuclear medicine, endoscopy, and colposcopy are among the medical facilities at FELIX.

      Our physicians work with a multi-modality team to ensure that the best possible treatment is provided by and patient. As cancer presents differently in each individual, our top diagnostic facilities first test for the existence of the disease, and detailed follow-up tests determine the type of cancer, the location of the tumour, the stage, and the spread of these cells.

      We are committed to deliver an exceptional Patient Experience.

      Delivering an exceptional patient experience is deeply ingrained into our processes and personnel. Our exceptional medical expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care.



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      Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.

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