Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.
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    Department of Dental Sciences, Felix Hospital

    The Department of Dental Sciences at FELIX offers comprehensive dental services like Dental Implants, all Ceramic Veneers & Crowns, Precious Metal Crowns, Flexible Valplast Dentures, Dental Sealants, Gum Treatment, Bone Grafting, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. The Department of Dental Sciences offers master care and administrations to patients of all age gatherings and furthermore with uncommon requirements.

    Dental department has been effectively delivering administrations for all daily schedule and concentrated dental surgeries. We highly esteem holding the best ability accessible in any field of dentistry to convey a viable, practical and enduring treatment acted in a satisfying and caring conditions for our patients.

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    FELIX Hospital is the best dental hospital in Noida. We offering the best dental treatment, dental surgery and care for all dental and maxillofacial conditions. Helmed by the best dental surgeons & doctors in Noida, the hospital today is recognized as best dental hospital in India. With a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise, we have the top dental surgeons in India who have successfully performed several path breaking dental and maxillofacial procedures.

    The hospitals team is high specialized and their dedication and commitment towards their work has brought outstanding results. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, world class amenities and specialized practices make FELIX Hospital the best dental care facility.


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      Why Choose Us?

      The Department of Dental Sciences offers expert care and services to patients of all age groups and also with special needs. The team renders routine and advanced diagnostic procedures and coverings like oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, advanced conservative treatment, periodontics, pedodontics, aesthetic dentistry, dental implants, restorative dentistry and endodontics. The department also focuses on providing dental education and managing oral and para oral health needs and problems of a patient. the opposite procedures which are offered by the highly experienced team include impaction, extraction, cyst enucleation, implant surgeries, trauma management, passage treatments, veneering, management of improper tooth placements, management of space infections.


      The department endeavors to campaign against tobacco use among the general public through education. Dental surgeons provide quality care and therefore the absolute best treatment for the patient. they’re committed to making sure the superior outcomes for the patient by using the newest surgical techniques, taking care of their satisfaction and safety. The team is proficient in delivering expert consultations associated with a healthy lifestyle, maintenance of hygienic oral habits and emphazining the importance of normal dental check-ups

      To keep your beautiful smile ever so glowing, the Department of Dentistry at FELIX Hospital offers comprehensive dental treatments. The dentists are highly qualified and come with an extensive experience to ensure your smile is always in the best hands. Advanced technology plays a key role in the delivery of treatments at the Department of Dentistry at FELIX Hospital. The treatments and procedures undertaken include regular procedures, cosmetic procedures and trauma cases.

      A number of treatments are performed, some of which are listed below:

      • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
      • Oral surgery
      • Orthodontics
      • Paediatric dentistry
      • Restorative dentistry

      We are committed to deliver an exceptional Patient Experience.

      Delivering an exceptional patient experience is deeply ingrained into our processes and personnel. Our exceptional medical expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care.


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      Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.

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