Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.
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    Department of Dermatology

    Advanced facilities for Dermatology with excellent diagnosis and affordable cost of dermatology treatment in India

    FELIX Hospital is the best dermatology hospital in Noida offering the best dermatology treatment, skin treatment and care for all types of dermatological diseases. Helmed by the best dermatology doctors in India, the hospital today is recognized for its expertise & experience in the treatment of all types of skin conditions and diseases. We have the top dermatologists in India and a team of dedicated staff, bringing a wealth of experience and wide ranging expertise that has helped us growing into the best dermatology hospital in India.


    Clear and radiant skin is every individual’s fantasy. It improves your beauty and boosts your confidence. The Department of Dermatology of FELIX Hospital excels at diagnosing and treating disorders affecting your skin, hair and nails. The dermatology team is highly qualified and the patients are given the best care by the expert staff.

    Our group of doctors specialises in the diagnosis of complex skin disorders, as well as studies into new treatments to offer the best care and treatment for you. For the successful treatment of a wide range of skin diseases, skin cancer and other dermatological issues, we have well equipped laboratories with trained doctors who use advanced traditional surgical techniques.

    Depending on your condition and skin type, we offer various treatment options. They are:

    • Topical treatments
    • Radio frequency cautery
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Chemical peels
    • Ear and nose stud piercing
    • Tattooing
    • Intra lesional therapy

    Get checked and avail the best treatment with the best team of dermatologists for a glowing and healthy skin.


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      Why choose FELIX Hospital?

      Treating a wide variety of skin disorders, from the most common acne issues to some of the rareest skin diseases.

      • We have advanced medical practitioners licenced by the board who have years of practise in the dermatology industry.
      • Our expertise is in the treatment of more than 2500 skin disease types.
      • We are one of the few centres considered to be one of the best skin disease treatment hospitals in Noida, all under one roof, with various screening, testing, and diagnostic processes.
      • In addition, we support patients in offering personal guidance and tips to sustain the present healed disease.
      • Individuals diagnosed with skin-related melanomas are given special care.
        For internal areas such as Immunohematology, Trichology, Dermato-epidemiology, and more, we have experienced dermato-pathology specialists.
      • Some of the best dermatologists in Noia are on board to work on your skin issue individually and ensure that you are assisted with the required treatment plan.


      Besides a personalised case history and a physical state examination, depending on the skin issue, there are few other tests performed here at Felix Hospital Below are the good diagnostic procedures that make us one of the best dermatology hospitals in Noida:

      1. Wood Light: Diagnosis of Black Light or Wood Light is most often used to classify any deep skin bacterial or fungal infections. Vitiligo is also useful for skin detection.
      2. Diascopy: This is a diagnostic test carried out to recognise blanchability and colour changes by pushing a finger over the glass slide with the blood of the individual.
      3. Biopsy: The method of developing skin lesions that are influenced by skin disease, with varying depths. This can be performed as biopsy procedures for punch, shave or wedge excision.
      4. Tzanck research: One of the top diagnostic possibilities for differentiating skin viruses such as herpes simplex and herpes zoster is this skin testing technique.
      5. As one of the best skin disease treatment hospitals in Noida, we also provide other diagnostic metrics based on adequate analysis of skin demographics, including nails and hair. We not only have some of Noida ‘s finest dermatologists, but we also have credible foreign derma doctors , nurses, and clinicians to provide reliable medical diagnoses targeting minimally invasive techniques.

      We are committed to deliver an exceptional Patient Experience.

      Delivering an exceptional patient experience is deeply ingrained into our processes and personnel. Our exceptional medical expertise is matched by our commitment to personalized care.


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      Felix Hospital is well equipped to provide high quality of personalized care to your health & medical needs. The team is proud to be a leading organization in India.

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