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Radiodiagnosis Services

Radiology and imaging services play a crucial role in determining the root cause of the problem. With the help of these images and reports, doctors/ surgeons plan for the subsequent treatment required by the patients.

Radiodiagnosis Services 24*7 Service

we have 24*7 these facilities
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It creates images of body parts like liver, gall bladder, kidney, blockages in blood vessel etc, which further help the doctor to identify the reason for the pain, discomfort or infection in the body.

2D / 3D Echo/
Colour Doppler

It is like an ultrasound of the heart. It creates live images of the heart, thus providing us information on the structure and function of the heart.


It creates black/white images of your body parts using electromagnetic waves. This advanced method is generally used to identify broken bones or breast cancer.

CT Scan

It is an advanced technology which uses both X-rays and computer to create multiple images of organs/tissue within the body. This method is used to identify bone or joint problem, infection, internal bleedings, blood cloth, cancer, tumour etc.

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