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Felix Hospital is a great place to work with. We offer an amazing work culture with continuous learning and growth. We believe sky is the limit if someone wants to explore new things. There are ample opportunities for aspirants to accomplish their goals and dreams.



We believe in the process of continuous learning and polishing the distinct skillset each employee possess.

Our mentorship programmes are designed in such a manner that an employee will grow beyond his/her core work. We focus on developing and grooming our employee for them to help in achieving their long-term career goals.



Our training and development programmes are constructed and designed in a systematic and focussed approach. All our employees go through training programmes as per their potential and requirement. They are exposed to numerous opportunities through training both conducted by internal as well as external trainers.

Motivational speech and workshop
Soft skill training Programme
Fire training Programme for employee Safety



“Time flies so fast. It has been good 5 years and it feels like yesterday. My journey started on 2 Oct 2014, when it was just a piece of land. I joined here as a Site Engineer to look after hospital building and infrastructure. Then I was moved to the Sales department, wherein, we started the door-to-door campaign in all the nearby villages to create awareness about the hospital. After 2 years of my service, I got promoted as a Maintenance Manager, taking care of other hospital amenities and technology. And within 6 months I was given additional responsibility of a facility manager taking care of multiple departments like security, civil, cafeteria, transport. Last year I got promoted as General manager of Felix hospital. My aim is to become Executive Officer of Felix group under the guidance of chairman Dr D K Gupta.

I have witnessed many ups and downs during these 5 years. For me, Felix is a home away from home. I have learned and grown professionally and personally. This is a company where you always have a voice in your team no matter who you are, I am glad to be part of it. In short, I feel extremely lucky and proud to be part of the team since its inception.

And I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my journey.”

Yogesh Dubey
General manager, Felix Hospital