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Guidelines For Segregating Bio
Medical Waste

Red Bag

Syringes (Without Needles), Soiled Gloves, Catheters, IV Tubes Etc. Should Be All Disposed Of In A Red Colored Bag, Which Will Later Be Incinerated.

Yellow Bag

All Dressings, Bandages And Cotton Swabs With Body Fluids, Blood Bags, Human Anatomical Waste, Body Parts Are To Be Discarded In Yellow Bags.

Cardboard box with blue marking

Glass Vials, Ampules, Other Glass Ware Is To Be Discarded In A Cardboard Box With A Blue Marking/Sticker.

White Puncture Proof Container (PPC)

Needles, Sharps, Blades Are Disposed Of In A White Translucent Puncture Proof Container.

Black Bags

These Are To Be Used For Non-Bio-Medical Waste. In A Hospital Setup, This Includes Stationary, Vegetable And Fruit Peels, Leftovers, Packaging Including That From Medicines, Disposable Caps, Disposable Masks, Disposable Shoe-Covers, Disposable Tea Cups, Cartons, Sweeping Dust, Kitchen Waste Etc.