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Patient & Attendant Rights

At Felix hospital, be believe in 100% transparency with respect to patients/attendant’s rights

  • Right to receive high standard of medical care as per the requirement and resources available to meet them.
  • To be treated with respect and dignity regardless of any religion, race, beliefs etc
  • All Medical Records (except those required by law) will be kept confidential
  • Right to obtain all medical test and examination records
  • Right to refuse treatment and get a discharge (patient will be responsible for their own action if taking discharge against medical advice given by the hospital)
  • Right to know about all proposed treatment, any risk involved, benefits and cost
  • Right to know exact condition of the patient
  • Right to ask question to treating doctors and nurses regarding any confusion in the procedure, condition etc if not understood
  • Right to know all financial requirement for the admission/surgery etc
  • Complaint about any issues related to service provided by attending team, hospital administration, billing etc (feedback boxes available at the reception)

Patient AND Family

As a patient at Hospital, patients / their family have the responsibility to:

  • Provide correct and complete information including name, age, sex, address and telephone number.
  • Provide details of present and past illness, family history where relevant, all records of previous investigations and treatment and of allergic reactions especially sensitivity to any drug.
  • Cooperate with the staff of the hospital in receiving prescribed treatment.
  • Treat the hospital staff, other patient and visitors with courtesy and respect.
  • Abide by the hospital rules and regulations with regard to restrictions on number and category of visitors, visiting hours, smoking, and consumption of tobacco and alcoholand making noise.
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Keep appointments given by the consultants or others.
  • Avoid bringing valuables to the hospital.
  • Inform the hospital about the health insurance or coverage by the employers.
  • Any other information which may have bearing on the treatment/health of the patient.