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Psychiatry and Psychology

Psychiatry and Psychology

Psychiatry is the branch of medicine which provides diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorder pertaining to mental, emotional and behaviour of one’s personal state.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

  • Assess a person's state of mind
  • Diagnose the mental illness
  • Uses a range of medications


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Depression (sadness of mood, negative thinking, crying, weakness, not enjoying things)Anxiety (Palpitation, restlessness, tremors, excessive worry)OCD (Repeated hand washing, checking locks)
Panic Disorder (extreme anxiety as if one is going to die or have a heart attack)Psychosis, Schizophrenia (Hearing voices which others can’t, people are talking about me, suspiciousness, people are trying to kill me, not trusting your partner)Phobia
Treatment for Personality Disorders (Anger, Violence, Not working, withdrawn, aloof, not motivated, suicidal thoughts or attempts, multiple relationships)Substance Abuse (Alcohol, smoking, cannabis, marijuana, sleeping pills, heroin, smack)Bipolar Affective Disorder
Treatment of Children and Adolescent Problems (Weak Academic Record)Treatment for Hyperactive and Behavioural Problems (Stubborn, Lying, Anger, Stealing)Counselling and Behavioural Therapy
Sexual Counselling (Decreased Desire, Premature Ejaculation, Erection Problems)Marriage CounsellingRelationship Counselling
Career CounsellingStress Counselling 

How are they different from a Psychologist?

While, A Psychologist is trained to assess, diagnose and help people overcome problems related to thinking, feeling and behaviour.

  • Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, etc
  • Addictions and substance use and abuse (e.g. smoking, alcohol)
  • Lifestyle aspects such as Stress, anger etc
  • Marital and family relationships and problems

We treat common problems like Depression, Anxiety, phobia, Panic Disorder, Personality disorder etc.

We also specialize in treating OCD (repeated hand washing, checking locks), Bipolar Disorder, Addiction problem, Hyperactive and Behaviour Problems.

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Anxiety Meaning in Hindi - चिंता: कारण, पहचान, प्रकार, और उपचार
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Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida

8th floor staff was very polite nd helpful. Everything was on time. No delay in any medication nd all. Even environment maintained by all the staff was very good for the patient nd patients family member. Specially Ravi Bhai, neetu sister , Deepa sister was very helpful nd polite and all are very dedicated towards their duty.

aaj tak
Yogesh Chaudhary

Psychology & Psychiatry India