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Internal Medicine (General Physician)

Internal Medicine (General Physician)

Internal medicine is a field of medicine which provides treatment for general illness and preventive care for adults.

We treat common viral febrile illnesses like dengue, chikungunya, chickenpox, influenza etc., malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis, liver abscess, urinary tract infections etc.

We also specialize in providing treatment for noncommunicable chronic diseases like Diabetes, HTN, COPD, Bronchial Asthma, migraine, stroke, myocardial infarction, chronic kidney disease, arthritis etc.

At Felix hospital, we provide comprehensive care including emergency and critical care to its patients with multiple organ systems involvement.

Is Internal Medicine physician and Family Physician same?

In most of the cases, they are considered as same. But family physician takes care of both adults and children.

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At Felix hospital we offer -
Treatment for Environmental DiseasesTreatment for Infectious DiseasesTreatment for Chronic Diseases
HypertensionTreatment for DiabeticsObesity and Weight Management
High CholesterolDrug OveruseAnimal Bites
Preventive Health Check-upsLifestyle Counselling 

At Felix Hospital, we offer holistic care to our patients and it is one of the best centres in Noida for all your problems and prevention related to viral illness and non-communicable diseases.

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Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida Best Hospital in Noida

It was a good experience with Felix healthcare, Dr Nikhil Mehrotra has done an excellent job in finding the root cause of the problem and resolve my chid criticalness. Nursing staff is very professional and support emotionally as well. They will try to reduce your anxiety and make sure that your stay remains very comfortable.

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